An happy and peaceful life

An happy and peaceful life

An happy and peaceful life

Avrupa Konutları Başakşehir project, which has a construction area of 244.325 m² on a land of 72.706 m², is a project where you will be waking up to happy days along with your family.

80% of our project, consisting of 3 plots, has been designed as a landscape design space. We prepared you a new living space along with 11 blocks and 941 flats in total, and 27 stores where you will be meeting your requirements.

A better future is ahead of your children due to the schools both adjacent and at walking distance to the project.

We are feeling honored of sustaining our promise of “quality, happy and peaceful life”, that we kept until today, also by the Avrupa Konutları Başakşehir project.

Project Location

We started of with the sincerity of a school report present that a grandfather promises for his grandchild… Not only uniting thousands of people with their dream homes, but also designing peaceful living spaces for them became our supreme objective. We succeeded…

We succeeded…

We observed the joy of families to who we delivered their houses as soon as possible, and we experienced the pride of a father who had purchased the car he had promised to his son. It was like the joy of promotion, seeing the smile of families leaving our sales office with their keys. The joy of children playing happily at our parks, social spaces became our joy.

Until today, our promise has been one. And now we are again promising you a new life at Avrupa Konutları Başakşehir. We selected an area close to subway, Istanbul Airport and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge for you to go to your workplace easily.

For you to set up your secure, peaceful and happy home, we worked a lot and still working. Because we learned from the people of this country the value of promising.

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